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Art has always been apart of Lynn’s life.  Early on she experimented with abstract painting using acrylics and oils, then moved on to explore three dimensional arts like jewelry design, ceramic art, stained glass, paper making and decorating.  While Lynn has had a passion for pencil and charcoal drawings, her true love is photography. 

Lynn has had formal training in the arts; however she is a self taught photographer, working in both film and digital photography.  She is inspired by the simplicity, color, emotion and feeling of movement in nature that is all around us along with “the magnitude and awe of some of the most common objects in our communities that can often be easily overlooked.”

Lynn strives to capture a subject’s tranquil beauty and mimic the realism and splendor that encompasses our lives by portraying it in print so that both she and others may enjoy after the moment has passed. 

Lynn works with seascapes, landscapes, nature, flora, and fauna.  Currently, she is studying black and white photography, abstract art using realistic subjects and the human body and form with candid portraits.  Lynn has begun to explore and delve into alterations and adjustments of her photographs.

Lynn entered her first art show in 2007, Art at the Library sponsored by Art Institute Group of the Merrimack Valley.  Her photograph “Taking a Break” won an Honorable Mention award.

Since then, Lynn has been showcased as the Artist of the Month (September 2008) at the Mayor’s office in Methuen, MA and has subsequently entered additional art exhibits.  Most recently she participated in the 2008 Art at the Library art show and won 2 awards.  “Gloucester at Dusk” won the Founders Award and “Butterfly” won an Honorable Mention. 

In 2009, Lynn returned to painting, but this time she has ventured into watercolor, a medium she immensely enjoys.  She finds painting with watercolor exciting as she utilizes subjects from her photographs and transforms them with new inspiration. 

Lynn was born and raised in Michigan.  In 1997, she moved to Massachusetts and then to the Merrimack Valley in 2001.  Lynn is married to a wonderful man, Dan, who is very supportive of her artistic endeavors.  Lynn has two children, Danny and Gavin and a loveable dog named Hattie.



telephone: 978-361-5881

email: info@lynnvidler.com







All art is but imitation of nature.   Lucius Annaeus Seneca